Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If opportunity doesn’t knock – build a door (or go to Barcelona)

There are some places we visit where we seem to leave our heart. Where we know we will always visit again. On a visit to the beautiful and historic Rome I stood in front of the magnificent Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain you will one day return to Rome. I was not in the least bit tempted to launch any loose change, but if it was a fountain in Barcelona I would have emptied out my pocket.

I’ve been to Barcelona twice now, once with my wife in February as a birthday treat and recently in June on my own as a work/writing break. The first time made me eager to visit again. On the second time I felt at home as soon as I left the airport, even when I was dragging a suitcase across an uneven pavement. The second visit was also instrumental in my decision to make major changes to my life.

I’ve done two terms of evening classes to learn a bit of Spanish and in Barcelona I was able to practise this and fall back to English/sign language when my Spanish fell short. Considering that the main language in Barcelona is Catalan they understood me quite well. We recently had a family holiday in Menorca and whenever I spoke Spanish the locals responded in English – very depressing!

Now I am working freelance from home and I now have an exciting new client from Barcelona. www.HallSt.com is a new company that gives you genuine discounts on luxury hotels that you book and pay for in advance. If you can’t go, or if you want to try and make a profit you can sell your stay nearer the time on the Hall St web site.

It covers my love of creative new ideas and fun concepts, I get to practise a bit of my Spanish and it is a link to my favourite city. Their first flash sale is a gorgeous, luxury hotel in the centre of Barcelona, very tempting!

It’s always interesting to see where life takes you, but one thing is certain – you have more chance of going to places that inspire you if you seek out and cultivate contact with interesting people, than if you chuck some coins in a fountain.

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  1. I've bought someone else's nonrefundable hotel room through another site called Roomer (www.roomertravel.com) and I've had really positive experiences. The transfer went smoothly and their customer support was very helpful. I'd definitely recommend Roomer Travel as well! :)