Wednesday, 19 October 2011

“It will make you go blind” – I’m back to checking out figures again

There was a long time where telling people that I am working from home on the Internet created a predictable response. Oh yes? Doing lots of research eh? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

It was mainly from people who would endlessly procrastinate if they had to do something from home and back then a bloke surfing on the Internet = surfing for porn. Things have moved on in the last five years. Now everything is online and the main cause of wasted time is Facebook and Twitter!

What many people don’t realise is that while people working from home on the Internet are often obsessed by figures, they are not ones that writhe and moan. There are so many statistics available to monitor your success. For example, Google Analytics shows you where people found you, how long they stayed on the site, how many actually did what you want them to do and their geographical location. All for free.

When I was creating and running social networks the first thing I did each day was to see if the traffic was up on the previous day/week/month. When I was creating online psychology tests for the sadly missed I was amazed to discover that one of the tests I wrote was taken by about 80,000 people in one day. It was a very tongue-in-cheek test matching sexual fantasies to personality types – so we are back to sex.

It can be argued that writers suffer the most. There are two distinct types of writers. One that admits to being glued to the Amazon rankings on their book launch day. The other type are liars! However, the reviews are much more stressful than the rankings. You want more reviews but when they come the emotional roller-coaster of emotions can leave you feeling nauseous.

However, at the moment I am not checking either my book rankings or Google Analytics. One of my clients are launching their first flash sale of discounted luxury hotel rooms that you can either enjoy or trade to try and make a profit. The whole team will be watching to see how many people sign up over the next 48 hours. Fingers crossed everyone!

To everyone else out there who is watching their statistics when they should be working on improving them, I send a gentle nudge to get back to work and my good wishes that your figures always improve.

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