Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Step five in my quest for World Domination: Nailing the dance zombie routine

Working from home and spending a lot of time with the kids give you the opportunity to try a number of different things and I'm setting myself one thing to conquer each month.

This month’s challenge popped up when my son and I were watching a music channel on the telly. At this particular song he jumped up and started dancing frantically, then he looked again at what the dancers were doing and said “Wow, they’re cool aren’t they Dad?”

“I can do that,” I replied nonchalantly. After all I’ve cut up a few dance floors in my time.

“No you can’t!” He retorted and the challenge was born.

The video in question is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and it’s a classic. So much so that I can’t believe the concept hasn’t been done before. The dance duo release their new single only to fall into a coma ‘after excessive party rocking’. 28 days later they wake up and find… yes you’ve guessed it. Everyone has morphed into dance zombies that can’t stop dancing to the Party Rock Anthem song. Anyone who is still normal has to pretend to be a dance zombie or they get mobbed and turned into a spectral groover. It’s dead funny.

The good news is that the main dance steps are quite easy. To quote the video it’s ‘just a little two step, doin’ the one-two’. I am obviously avoiding the dance pro high jinx to avoid a probable hospital visit. The bad news is that it is fast!

After a quick go at some of the opening moves I decided that my challenge was to master the short routine that starts at 3 mins 40. It features the two members of LMFAO and while they look cool they’re not the world’s best dancers.

Okay so I have a warm up for the first few minutes and we’re into the routine. Hmm, it’s not just fast. It’s supersonic. I’m way behind from the beginning and very quickly out of breath. Forget exercise DVD’s this zombie routine is either going to make me super fit or kill me. This is Strictly Zombie Dancing and Len would hate it but it’s ghoulishly fun. And yes, I take it all back about LMFAO not being the best dancers.

By the time the local kids come prowling round at dusk on Hallowe’en I’ll be able to come two-stepping out of the door with a flourish and demand sweets from them, (assuming I last more than 20 seconds this time).

So who’s with me? Watch the video on YouTube, learn the moves and get ├╝ber-fit and let’s embarrass our kids like never before!

In case anyone really needs to know. The first four steps towards world domination were:

1) Being born
2) Meeting the woman of my dreams
3) Persuading the woman of my dreams to marry me
4) Discovering that San Miguel beer is actually medicine that can be used to treat all manner of medical complaints.

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