Monday, 17 October 2011

When life imitates art, or is it just mixing business with pleasure?

We just enjoyed a romantic stay in The Glasshouse, the ‘sexiest hotel in Scotland’, that included a posh dinner in The Tower Museum overlooking Edinburgh Castle and lots more of Auld Reekie. After dragging ourselves out of the supremely soft bed we left a world of luxury to return home to clean our house for a house viewing – selling a house that contains a four and two year old is never easy.

We were left feeling like Cinderella who had just been to the ball and returned to a harsh reality where pumpkins have to be turned into Hallowe’en lanterns rather than fancy coaches.

Today it’s back to life as usual. I’m sorting out ISBNs for my book Working from Home and then I switch to working for a client who have a big launch this week. I look from my book stuff to the clients launch and have to smile.

My client is launching a ‘flash sale’ offering huge discounts on a 5 star luxury hotel in the centre of Barcelona – my favourite city. A quick check shows that there are vacancies over my birthday weekend. The interesting aspect of this deal is that you can buy your hotel stay now at a discount and then sell it closer to the time of the stay.

I can book a stay for my birthday and if I can’t make a profit on it later on we’ll just have to enjoy another taste of luxury on my birthday. Oh yes, and I get paid for helping to promote the offer. Talk about win-win!

The strap line of Working from Home is ‘Mixing business with pleasure?’ In my case I’ll have to delete the ‘?’ from the end of that statement!

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