Thursday, 6 October 2011

Working from Home: Mixing business with pleasure – e-book blurbs and orders

Here is the blurb for my Working from Home e-book and information about pre-orders. Get your name on the list quick!

Jonny has an interesting twenty-four hours. One evening he walks in on his naked flatmates in a compromising position on the sofa. The next morning he discovers that the improper use of a Matalan card can result in a bloody nose for the woman of his dreams. By lunch time he discovers that the huge company he works for is shipping out making him and hundreds of others in the area redundant.

Cat is one of those employees and her efforts to turn to freelancing are hindered by someone trying to black-ball her in the industry unless she agrees to sleep with him. Added to this she is just about to catch the attention of a serial adulterer via her new age sister, whose idea of a business plan for her local pub is persuading the barmaids to wear low-cut tops.

Will Jonny and Cat find enough work to pay for the necessities in life like beer and shoes? Can you really work via the Internet from home in your pyjamas? Will Jonny and Cat manage to mix business and pleasure, or will they fail to close the win-win deal?

Working from Home is lads’ lit asking chick lit out for an adventurous date into the serious world of business networking, where it’s not who you know that really matters, but who knows you.

Pre-publication orders for the Working from Home e-book

Working from Home is scheduled to be published via Amazon on 18th April 2012. I am not accepting pre-publication orders but I do have a fancy spreadsheet running listing people who have expressed an interest in buying a copy the moment it becomes available. The launch price will be £2.99. If you want to be added to this list please email me at russ(at) replacing the (at) with @ (a cunning ruse to prevent my email address being harvested by spammers).

Once on this list you will receive three emails from me. One saying when the book is available, one sent on the launch day itself and one afterwards telling you how the launch went and giving you the opportunity to be on the list for my next book launch.

You will not be added to a newsletter list and your email address will not be sold or given to any third party even if they offer me three camels and a packet of Skittles for it.

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  1. Whoops! Should have said that the price will be £2.99 at launch.