Friday, 18 November 2011

And it’s raining in Scotland…

So our sojourn of working from home in Scotland is nearly at an end after five years in the beautiful Scottish Borders. This time next week I’ll be working from a home office in North Somerset, but for now I’ll take this opportunity to put a few things straight.

If you listen to Radio 1 or Radio 2 you might be forgiven for thinking that Scottish people have webbed feet as most weather forecasts always seem to end with “and it’s raining in Scotland”. Now this might be true, but Scotland is a tad bigger than you might think. Apparently it’s ‘the last wilderness in Europe’ and it has lots of coastline along the west and north.

The cocky radio presenters could just as well say that it’s raining in England (or Wales) as the west coast is usually drying some of the moisture out of the Atlantic winds at some point. I remember one Scot getting very irate about Radio 2’s insistence that it was raining in Scotland every day for two weeks. He is a keen gardener and had been spending ages watering his garden every day because it had not rained for weeks.

It seems that the forecasts are summarised by people who have never ventured north of Watford. Indeed, many people I knew or did business with from ‘down south’ knew nothing about the Scottish Borders and seemed to presume that you went from Carlisle straight to Edinburgh and the Highlands.

The Scottish Borders is a scenic area, less dramatic than the Highlands but probably more beautiful with rolling hills, sweeping valleys and majestic trees. However, it is the sky that I will miss most – it’s sheer size and the drama it creates. The countryside looks more appealing with sun and cloud rather than a blazing blue sky. The shadows from the clouds and shafts of sunlight march across the hills where you can sit watching buzzards circling below you.

I’m wondering how easy it will be to scare the kids in Somerset.

I may only need a computer to work from home but the Borders countryside certainly helps with inspiration. We are hoping for some more sun in Somerset but are expecting a bit more rain so maybe we’ll hear a Londoner claim that it is raining in Somerset every day from next week…

PS Sorry that the pic is of snow and not rain. It’s just my favourite photo.

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