Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Working from home on top of a laundry basket

Working from home has been interesting over the past few months. We moved from Scotland to Somerset into a rental house that’s not big enough for all our furniture. We have a double bed in the lounge and the only ‘desk’ in the house is a small table about a metre squared.

My wife works full time from home so she’s blagged the desk and I’m left with the dining room table. If that is taken I use a wooden laundry basket and sit on the edge of the bed. It works surprisingly well except for the backache.

I’m turning 40 this week and I would never have predicted how I would be working 20 years ago. However, I’m not complaining. Well, just a bit. We can’t find a house to buy at the moment but when we do, I’ll be working in the same funny farm but without the bad back.

I know I am not alone. There are writers everywhere grabbing time to write in all sorts of strange places. JK Rowling made writing in a café cool, but there is even someone writing a novel in between customers at a supermarket till. Find her on Twitter here @KateSpencer2go
Some writers work in sheds, lots work around their children and others write in the evening after completing everything else.

Don’t think the famous writers always have it easy. Joanne Harris (@Joannechocolat) commiserated with me on Twitter when I complained about being so cold when I was writing that I took to wearing a deerstalker hat with the flaps down. It turned out she was wearing something similar, along with fingerless gloves.

My novel Working from home is finally close to publication and I am working on marketing materials in the bedroom, in the dining room, in the library and sometimes in the car. It is not always comfortable but it certainly beats a twice daily commute.

NB. Did you notice how casually I mentioned turning 40? Dead nonchalant me! :-O

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