Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Working from Home book review: Righteous exposure by A K James

Righteous exposure is a thriller novel following one woman’s quest to expose the crimes of a rich and powerful man. It has all the necessary components of a goodie versus baddie against the odds plot.

The heroine is softly-spoken, yet strong and there are not one, but two nasty baddies who wouldn’t think twice about raising the body count. It also has a varied array of victims who are linked directly or indirectly to the main crime and the many repercussions of the heroine’s actions.

Unusually for this genre the heroine’s quest for revenge does not come from a recent incident but from a memory from her childhood that is brought up to date by current, almost unrelated, events. As it is not an immediate retaliation the heroine is facing much harsher consequences if her master plan goes awry.

However, if you are looking for something that will sit happily next to a Nora Roberts novel you will be disappointed; as James has a sense of humour. You won’t be in fits of laughter but the book exudes a gentle warmth that adds a necessary dimension to the lightning-fast pace of the narrative. So get ready to curl your toes one minute and smile the next.

This is not chick lit by numbers and deserves a place on your reading list. You can also lend it to your partner. If he complains about reading a ‘book for girls’ just try to distract him from reading it once the tension kicks in!

You can buy Righteous exposure by A K James here.

This book stole my Kindle virginity. You can read more about my experience and discover if A K James respected me in the morning here.

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  1. Thanks so much for this,Russ. It means so much to have my work appreciated.

    I'm really pleased that you liked it, and pleased to find that you think I have a sense of humour too! xx