Friday, 23 March 2012

The Working from Home Twitter Follow Friday list for March 2012

It’s been an odd week for me in many ways. I managed to lock myself out of my house with my new year old daughter and had to re-brand my lucky orange pants to my silly orange pants. There’s been a lot of banter and cheering up on Twitter this week so here are my #FF’s along with the reasons why you should follow them (the original point of #FF after all).

Having written the list it is very obvious that I need to interact with more men – but they so seldom return my calls. Perhaps it is my delicious daddy role?

@beatlebrain She’s supportive and funny at the same time and believes in equality for all

@Rebeleith Writer, encourager and the only person I know who can make me fancy Chinese food for breakfast at 7am.

@akjames61 Author of the excellent book Righteous Exposure that I reviewed recently. She claims to have an odd sense of humour and she is correct.

@JustSJP She takes three bottles of wine when she visits her mother-in-law. Enough said.

@JessSturman She’s fabarooney and fantastico, rubbish at drinking and just a teensy bit mad.

@LesleyPearse She’s a proper grown up author with a new puppy and claims that none of her readers do much housework.

@Britt_W She’s a wolf, not a poodle and she’s Swedish but speaks most languages and seems to know something about everything.

@cyteen02 He’s a knowledgeable chap but is known to leave his purchases behind in shops.

@ClaireAgius Translator, adopter and able to poke fun while showing concern at the same time.

@TashaHarrison_ Talented writer but provider of the most dubious healthy eating advice ever.

@1ManBandAccts Specialises in accounts for sole traders and purveyor of funny comments.

@Jenny_MesZaros Writer who likes her views and characters rose-tinted.

@MarDixon Single-handedly saving libraries and museums while existing on a diet of Skittles and Relentless.

@julie_cohen Another proper grown up author, she writes in her pyjamas even though it makes delivery men knock on her door.

@AnnaHill She’s musical, cultured and can be very cheeky.

@LizDawes She’s a funny writer looking for votes and does fab jazz hands.

@helenmariegrant Writer, young glamorous granny-in-waiting and owner of an innocent smile.

@Liebesdings New mum, my sweet ex-Mary Poppins from Germany.

@LilinhaAngel The mum, worker and student who won new wellies but needs a new buggy.

@JDSdesign Brand expert and expert thrower of hot drinks at wasps, legs and computers.

@relucthousedad He’s funny, he irons underwear and he’s a fabulous cook.

@nikkipilkington Expert about everything online and works three times as fast when her young daughter is asleep.

@lisabodenham Writer and laugher who eats kryptonite for breakfast washed down with absinthe.

@Joannechocolat Grown up writer and owner of a magical metamorphosing shed that is probably fuelled by diet Coke.


  1. Ha ha but mad is good though, right? What a lovely blog post, Russ. I am ACTUALLY named in a blog & I'm sure that's a first! Woo hoo I'm famous & worth a mention it's sooooo cool! Thanks, Russ, and glad I was able to help in any way at all on your pear shaped day.

    Jess :-)

  2. My pleasure Jess and thanks again. ;O)

  3. This is lovely, thank you! :) x

  4. Russ where would you be without your lucky orange pants? I bet you weren't wearing them when you got locked out. Buy six more pairs so you're covered every day of the week.

  5. That's a hell of a list, Russ. Needs updating, though: I've gone cold turkey on undie ironing. LIfe moves on. Keep up :) Thanks for the f-f-f-mention :)
    Keith (the RHD)

  6. What a lovely post, Russ. Am honoured to be included on your list, did I really make you fancy eating Chinese at 7 am? What a strange world Twitterland is ...