Monday, 9 April 2012

Working from home book review: Song in the wrong key by Simon Lipson

This is definitely a book for people who like to laugh at characters as they slide down to rock-bottom, hitting painful obstacles all the way down. It reminded me of watching the film Clockwise as you feel yourself tensing while you wish better fortunes for Mike, the main character.

Mike was ticking along nicely with two children, an ├╝ber-successful wife and an undemanding job when he is made redundant and finds that middle-aged, slightly underperforming technical sales people are not in high demand on the job market.

His life free-falls as he loses the respect of his daughters, disgraces his wife and insults his best friend. A chance event sees him returning to his student days of playing guitar and singing to people in restaurants. He even checks up on his unrequited love from university on Facebook. All of a sudden there is a chance he might be involved in the tackiest music event in the world – the Eurovision song contest.

Lipson creates believable characters and events and despite humiliating his main character he infuses his writing with lots of natural humour. The book has a cracking ending with an intriguing insight into the experiences of second-rate celebrity and the inner mechanics of the Eurovision song contest.

It’s a book for everyone who enjoys the prospect of a second chance, of a return to teenage dreams and the realities of how quickly things can change – both for good and for bad.

Strangely enough it is the Eurovision experience climax that will appeal to everyone; yes everyone. There is something there for true fans and real haters of the Eurovision experience as Mike goes from nil points in his life to … ah that would be telling!

Song in the wrong key by Simon Lipson is available on Amazon.

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