Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Beware of the terms and conditions of Harveys ‘Feel good’ Furniture

Soon after we moved into our new house we bought a sofabed from Harveys Furniture Store - the ones with the tagline ‘Feel good furniture’.

Quite a lot of weeks later we get a phone call saying that it will be delivered in a couple of days and they will text us the day before to give us a time slot.

Yesterday afternoon we get a phone call to say they will be there in 10 minutes! Fortunately we both work from home so the delivery can take place. Unfortunately the sofa didn’t fit up the stairwell - by a centimetre or so.

To be fair we were warned when buying the sofa to check that it would fit but in reality this is easier said than done. It would never fit square up the stairs but then it doesn’t fit through doorways square either. My estimate that it would fit was very nearly correct, but that doesn’t help the sofa bed get up the stairs.

We asked the delivery men (who were not at all keen to try different ways to get it up the stairs) what we should do and they said they would take it away and we should ring the store.

We ring the store to find out that as it’s our error we either have to pay another £60 to get it redelivered or pay 20% of the price of the sofa PLUS we can only have a credit note for the remainder of the amount to spend in Harveys. The furniture is not feeling so good now.

It’s all there in the terms and conditions in very small writing on the piece of paper that is waved in front of you in the shop before you sign in agreement. Non-negotiable.

Now, considering that Harveys, home of that feel good furniture, don’t sell a smaller sofa bed that would fit up the stairwell; that leaves us with a problem.

The latest news is that we may have to pay more than 20%, they are kindly checking this so we can feel good about our lack of furniture.

So here’s the maths.

We paid £499 plus £59 delivery for the sofa four weeks ago so feel good furniture Harvey has had our money for a while.

We lose 20% - £99.80 and the remaining £399.20 we have to use to buy something else in Harveys. So we either pay another £59 in delivery to have a sofa we don’t have anywhere to put, or we have to buy some other furniture that we will have to pay another £59 delivery charge. This leaves us still needing a sofabed.

I can understand that Harveys might feel bad about having an extra sofabed in their show room that they will have to sell so charging a fee is not unreasonable. However, 20% plus no refund shows they are behaving like banks and making a cash cow out of customers who have problems.

If it is such a good feel good sofa they would be able to sell it quickly. Especially if they point out that it can be delivered in a week rather than a month as it does not need to be ordered.

At the moment we are looking at getting the sofa lifted up via the roof. We feel that any money that doesn’t go to Harveys feel bad furniture is money well spent . It seems that we are not alone. Take a look at the Harveys Facebook page to see just how many people don’t feel good about Harveys Furniture. A long list of complaints about products and also about their recent TV jubilee advert.

My favourite is the “I am disgusted, appalled and will MAKE SURE that all who cross my path know what ROBBING DOGS HARVEY'S TRULY ARE!” comment. Their response?

“We're taking a short break but we'll be back again soon with more updates, news and offers for you. If you need to contact Harveys customer service please do so on 0844 372 1000.”

Doesn’t look so feel good to me. If you wish to leave a comment of your own you can do so at the Harveys Facebook page or on their Twitter account @Harveys_uk so they can respond after they have had a little rest on their feel good furniture.


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