Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The charm of Working from Home in pictures

People often tell me that a picture paints a thousand words so here’s a very short summary of what you can expect from my novel Working from Home: Mixing business with pleasure? in 7 pictures or 7000 words.

This story is about the quest to make money from home without having to sell your soul to a corporate employer. However, as I believe that it's love, rather than money, that makes the world go round it is also a story about love.

A large pharmaceutical company closes a huge site in a small town giving the employees both a shock and a reason to escape from corporate shackles and work for themselves.

The main players are:

The uber-organised events co-ordinator Cat who is living with her dog Ferrero after her fiancé cheated on her. She is a gym bunny who has a collection of kinky boots and has more clothes than the local charity shop.

Web expert Jonny who has no problem approaching attractive women but finds it really hard to sell his services to other small businesses. He is living in a small flat with his best mate Antonio and it is getting cramped as Antonio's sexy girlfriend has all but moved in. Jonny is feeling like a gooseberry with all their flirty behaviour.

They set off individually into the world of social and business networking; trying to get business via Facebook and meeting strangers for breakfast. Jonny keeps getting distracted by beer and barmaids and so is Cat who is helping her impulsive younger sister run the local pub.

Cat also has to work out whether she can really trust all these people who keep telling her that they genuinely want to help her. Are they trying to create mutually advantageous long-term business friendships or are they just trying to get in her knickers?

They discover that making lots of friends by networking is both fun and daunting and is not actually making them a profit.

Jonny starts being 'mentored' by a gorgeous self-starter who is not used to taking no for an answer from anyone. As tensions rise in his flat, his sales are non-existent and he really needs someone to give him some business assistance.

Conversely everyone is leaning on Cat just at a time when she needs a genuine friend. Secrets are flying around so can she make the right decisions to launch her business and open her heart to the right person?

Is it really possible to earn a living working from home getting sales from virtual friends and customers?

Does anyone really 'pay it forward' and send sales leads your way without hope of anything in return?

Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure blends the bohemian vibrancy of the film Moulin Rouge with the blunt real world where you have to trust people to survive. Even if you don't particularly like them.

Oh yes, and there's tango dancing and football in it. And it's REALLY funny.

You can buy Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure for practically all e-readers. Prices vary but is about £1.98/$3.10

(Also available in Germany, Italy, France and Spain)



Smashwords (gives you a variety of e-reader formats to choose from)

The photos in this blog post are just to paint all those words, the people in the pictures do not necessarily match the appearance of the characters in the book.


  1. I guess the fact that I found this page via Twitter suggests that writing your book didn't dissuade you of the merits of social networking! Sounds a fun read :)

  2. Thanks youngbyname - Twitter is excellent for business. Unfortunately it's also a BIG distraction!