Friday, 1 June 2012

Seven things you didn’t know about me

This blog is in response to being nominated by Rebecca Leith on her blog, you can also find her on Twitter at @Rebeleith. According to the rules I need to introduce my nominator, then suggest 15 bloggers I’ve recently discovered or that I follow regularly.

Erm, if this was the case I would never do any work. I must admit that I drop in and out of people’s blogs according to what grabs my attention, but you can find some truly interesting people here. Some blog and some are just on Twitter.

At the end of the recommendations you get to find out seven things you possibly didn’t know about me.

Rosie Slosek @1ManBandAccts and Uber geek with a full complement of common sense. She also bakes fab cakes and runs a number of small but active online empires.

Julie Cohen @Julie_Cohen and Friendly author, writing coach and kebab eater.

Tasha Harrison @TashaHarrison_ and Writer of sunshine summer reads and common-sense tweets tinged with humour.

Sarah Arrow @SarahArrow and although as the undisputed queen of blogging she has a hand in a multitude of blogs such as Birds on the Blog.

Ben Hatch @BenHatch Travel writer and persecutor of ants. He’s funny and more than a little bit mad.

Mar Dixon @MarDixon and Her job title is Social media and audience development consultant in cultural and creative fields. Basically if there’s something going on the world of libraries, museums or anything remotely useful she’s right in the middle of it.

Claire Agius @ClaireAgius and Charming, thoughtful and more of a star than she realises – adopter of Pickle who uses up more patience than is healthy.

John Cogan @John_Cogan Because he is one of the few people who are consistently funny.

Keith Kendrick @relucthousedad and The ultimate stay at home dad because he cooks fantastic food and shares it in his recipe shed.

Nigella Lawson @Nigella_Lawson and Yes I know, celebrity stalking and all that but I blame John Cogan and I enjoy the sheer pleasure of food/eating that comes through in her tweets/blogs.

Wendy Griffin @beatlebrain Because she doesn’t have a huge amount of money but she volunteers via the Citizens Advice Bureau to help people who are facing bankruptancy. What a star.

And back to the title and those seven things

1) I have bared my right nipple on peak time BBC TV in the name of science – for Tomorrow’s World.

2) I have a degree in zoology and a PhD in animal learning that was mainly spent working on experiments that didn’t work in a smelly shed on a farm hidden away in Cambridge University. It was through this background and by being a really nosy git that I have become deceptively good at the art of people watching. I can spot an adulterous couple at 20 paces –assuming they go to a bar and order drinks.

3) My wife has a patent in her name for a slow-release formulation of Viagra (so the effect lasts longer) from when she worked in Pfizer. Cue predictable jokes about her bringing work back home – it will never stand up in court etc, etc.

4) Still on a sexual theme I was once interviewed for a pornographic film. Yes, that’s right. However, it’s not what you think. I was being interviewed as a script writer. I had an idea for a funny film based on the sexual power of women. I saw a request for a porn film script writer for a project that already had funding and I put the two together. After all, what better challenge for a budding scriptwriter than persuading people to focus on the script in a porn film? In reality I was humiliated as I confided to the director that I was only applying because she was a woman and this made me confident that none of the actresses would be used against their will, etc. This comment earned me a severe verbal dressing down, but she did like my script idea and thereafter laughed at the right places and not just at me.

5) I got drunk with the late, great Jeff Healey, the blind blues guitarist who played his guitar flat on his lap, and his band (you probably know him from the film RoadHouse with Patrick Swayze). I have a strong memory of him deciding to go to the toilet in the nightclub we were in, refusing all offers of help to show him the way, only to walk directly into a six foot speaker that was blasting out dance music. I remember very little else.

6) I have a phobia about cutting my fingers and often feel faint if I cut my fingertips. Getting a blood test is a nightmare as apparently my brain diverts the blood flow from my fingertips because of my anxiety. The poor nurse has to jab harder to get a pinprick of blood and I turn a whiter shade of pale. Perversely needles, injections or blood samples in other areas are no problem; it’s all about the fingertips.

7) As the group R.E.M sang “I don’t sleep, I dream” if I don’t do something creative on a regular basis. Much of my plots and ideas come from my dreams and I’d like to have a beer and a chat with my sub-conscious as he obviously knows me better than I do. Unfortunately I don’t just dream, but also sleep talk, walk and fight. My wife used to be alarmed when experiencing the special view of a naked man from behind with his bum in the air while he attacked imaginary goblins at the end of the bed. We had to get rid of one bedside light as I kept attacking it while asleep – all for valid reasons such as saving the world of course. Strangely enough whenever I have an ‘interesting’ night my young son has strong dreams/nightmares too.


  1. Fab post, I have so many questions now... did the director's dressing down imply that the actresses were used against their will?

    Zoos? Really?

    Nipple - OMG!!!

    Viagra? You'll never convince us ;)

  2. Sorry Sarah, I should have made that more clear. She pointed out that the women did it for the fame, because they enjoyed it and because it paid well. It seemed to be mostly because of the notoriety. She was very disdainful about my comment - no doubt she had to put up with lots of negative comments about her work.

  3. Well I'm glad someone is saving us from those world destroying lamps...

  4. Fantastic read. Those are superb 'didn't know' facts, Russ. The recurring sexual theme is a bit disturbing, however, I think you should seek therapy forthwith :) Thanks for the name-check,mate. Really appreciate it.
    Keith (RHD)

  5. Loved the facts about you. I'm now full of questions. As to the sex therapy - do you follow @tvpsychologist? She might be able to help :-)

  6. Lamps can be very dangerous if you're not careful with them Nikki

    I'm not sure I need sex therapy thank you. I'm the only normal one around. ;O)

  7. Hello, Russ King!

    My name is Russ King, too. I'm the "other author named Russ King" that you may see around. I just wanted to say hello and wish you good luck on your book. I'm a recently e-published author too. I live in California, near Sacramento. My first book is a Sci-fi nature adventure. It's a fun learning experience, so far. I may hit you up for some advice on social media. It's still a challenge for me, blogging too.

    Good luck!


  8. Hi Russ, nice to 'meet' you! Yes, I've seen you on Smashwords. There's lots of advice in my novel Working from Home as you can see what the characters are doing wrong (and right) - but then I would say that. ;O)