Thursday, 21 June 2012

Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? is now available in all e-reader formats

It’s fresh, laugh-out-loud funny (read the reviews!), a true life snapshot of running your own business and has a healthy dose of lurve - because it’s not money that makes the world go round.

Even better my romantic comedy novel Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? is now available for all types of e-readers.
You can now read it on Kindle, iPads, Kobos, smartphones or just on your computer.

So what excuse have you got not to buy a copy now? The base price is £1.98 / $3.10. That’s cheaper and funnier than a greetings card; cheaper, funnier and lots more entertainment than a magazine; and the characters get up to lots of entrepreneurial stuff so you could experience an inspirational moment that changes your life!

Then again, you could just read it with a smile on your face and annoy other people by laughing out loud occasionally. This is best done in public places as it really annoys other people around you.

Finally, all profits will be invested wisely into my next novel which I’m hoping will be just as funny, but in a much darker, passionate format that will leave you with gnawed-off fingernails by the end.

You can buy Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? at the following stores and more:
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Smashwords (This can be used for all formats of e-reader so check here if your e-reader is not covered above).

Lurking behind the garish facades of the multinational corporations are the small businesses that are the pulsing heart of every town. These entrepreneurs are meeting strangers for breakfast, infiltrating our Facebook accounts and working in their pyjamas.

When a huge multinational pharmaceutical company leaves the town of Overchurch there is an emergence of new freelancers intent on working from home. This includes Jonny and Cat who find themselves struggling to find enough work to pay for the necessities in life like beer and shoes.

Can they manage to mix business with pleasure? And is it possible to keep your bank manager happy by following the bohemian cornerstones of freedom, truth, beauty and love?

Most of the reviews so far are on here are some excerpts:

“I'd read the hype and all the 'I laughed out loud' comments about this book, and thought 'yeh yeh, over-used cliche' and expected to read a book that might, just about, make me smile. But, I have to say, cliche or not, I did indeed 'laugh out loud'. You don't have to be a writer or someone working from home to appreciate this comedic, romantic, tale. But, if you are either or both, then you'll get an additional insight into the reality of the experiences of the characters and find yourself smiling and nodding knowingly to your kindle as you read. You will truly love some characters, and actively dislike others. The forked progression of two tales blending into one mirrors reality, and many of us can empathise with the situations imposed on the main characters along the way.”

“I read this book in one sitting on a flight to the US. I laughed out loud on many occasions, much to the amusement of the bloke next to me (who took the details to download his copy!!)

The author really captures the corporate world so well, very insightful. But it's the characters in the "world of local networking" that really bring the book to life, we've all met them in our lives I assure you! And I wonder if, after you've read it, you'll beleive in the power of conincidences?? Or if you actually know a farmer from Ohio???

This book would make a great movie, and I can't wait to see it!”

"If you are struggling to read the normal self help books for business, you know the type where the blurb says the book will tell you how to raise your business profile and you will soon have thousands of clients, but after the first few pages you are bored, well GET THIS. Or if you just fancy a good read this is well worth it for entertainment alone.

Not having a kindle I started to read it on my lap top on the train and was happily sniggering to myself for most of the journey. I later had to take my computer to bed to finish the book.”

“The book is well written and witty, easy on the eye and captures that kind of familiar style of dialogue present in conversations in social networks. King has handled the complexities of relationships that bounce back and forth between the virtual world and real life brilliantly, giving anyone who has never experienced it a very realistic taste. He highlights the rise of self-employment, the fast way that people reinvent themselves these days and the general lack of reference points in today's infrastructure.

"The story line is funny, sexy, playful and warm and I enjoyed getting to know the characters and how they developed and related to one another.”

Buy your copy of Working from home today!:

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