Monday, 13 August 2012

Why I secretly want to be a woman

I was recently interviewed by the lovely Romaniacs and they asked me if I found it hard writing romantic storylines from a female perspective. The truth is that I really enjoy it and would love to do more of it.

The most annoying thing about women is not the urge to talk too much, to multi-task or even to put things on the bottom of the stairs to take up later - it’s the way they always focus on their worst aspects.

A man sees a woman walking towards him and he thinks something along the lines of ‘nice tits’ while a female observer might be thinking ‘oh dear, she shouldn’t have worn that short skirt with those thighs’. If the same female observer saw the woman from behind she may be thinking something along the lines of ‘yes, your bum does look big in that’ while the same man is probably thinking ‘what a great arse’.

Yes, we like Kylie’s and Beyonce’s bum but our tastes go a lot bigger than women might expect. A bum that bobbles when the owner walks is very appealing; just as long as it doesn’t have enough momentum to achieve continuous motion after the wearer has stopped.

Don’t believe me? I was watching Strictly Come Dancing a while ago and a female contestant appeared on stage in her dance costume. While I was thinking ‘Wow!’ the women I was with started commenting on her unflattering outfit.

So I’d like to be a woman for a few days just so I could know that average has lots of appeal. Only not for too long or I’d start being overly critical of myself - or even worse - discover what women really thought of men!

Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? is a FUNNY romantic comedy written from both the male and female perspective. It is set in the exciting world of entrepreneurs and small start up businesses so if you’re male or female and have ever had a cunning plan it’s the perfect book for you. It’s only £1.98 on Amazon and just a little more on Kobo and iTunes etc. See the links on the right for your e-reader.

P.S. It was soooo hard to find a photo of a woman with a normal figure on free clip art photos!


  1. Is this why complementing women is such hard work ?

    Me: Here's a nice thing I think about you
    Her: Why is he saying this? What does he *really mean?

    wall <-> head

  2. Very true Paul, not to mention if you buy flowers 'just because' other people assume you've done something wrong!