Monday, 22 October 2012

There may be no such thing as a free lunch but here are some free ebooks!

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If you thought that freebies were only for politicians and celebrities (who can afford them anyway) you really should try, the new book community that gives book lovers free ebooks.

I’ve given more details about Libboo and why they are giving away free ebooks here  but the gist is that if you tell your friends about a book you love you earn free ebooks. Simple as that.

I put out a few posts on Twitter, Facebook etc about books that look interesting from the shortlisted authors as well as some links to my own novel Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? I’ve now got a load of free ebooks on my Kindle and I’ve got more free ebooks to give away.

I’ll use this blog post to list my free ebooks. While I’ll check on a regular basis you might find that the free books have run out. You can either return to this blog in a few days or check out Libboo yourself and earn your own. It’s very easy to earn your free ebooks and you can chat with the authors too.

Do please review the books you read on the Libboo site and also on Amazon or iTunes etc, wherever you tend to buy your ebooks. This gives us indie authors a benefit for giving away the freebies!

Free ebooks for the week commencing 21st October 2012

Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? by Russ King. A genuinely laugh out loud romantic comedy about the difficulties of working for yourself from home.  (10 copies)

Kun Lun:  Footprints of a servant by Liisa Cay Pasila. A spiritual tale of life in ancient China (5 copies)

The darkness beneath by Mick Davidson. A dark and menacing vampire tale featuring a beautiful yet disgusting vampire who is searching for a mate. (2 copies)

The Intern by Marguerite Lliteras. A steamy romance set in the cut-throat world of Beverley Hills real estate. (4 copies)

Rumors of savages by Carrie Regan. A thriller adventure set in tropics by an author who knows the terrain after producing documentaries for National Geographic Television.  (4 copies)

Down aisle ten by Daniel Friedland. Eccentric comedy about a strange disease that hits the Western World.  (1 copy)

If you have any problems with the downloads give me a nudge on Twitter @RussWrites or email me

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