Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Win one of 10 free copies of the FUNNY ebook novel Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure!

It’s competition time and I’m giving away 10 free ebooks of my novel Working from home that will make you laugh out loud (yes, really) and give you an insight into what it really takes to work from home.

How do I win the free ebook?

You need to walk out into the street and kiss the first person of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you prefer) that you see and tell them they look fantastic today.

What? Really?

Yes. Tongues and everything. But definitely no groping please!

Ermm… You are joking?

Of course I’m joking! You need to click on this free ebook link and you’ll see a page on a site called Libboo about me and my Working from home novel. Click on the ‘Sign up’ link at the top right of the page, fill in some very quick details and you’ll become a ‘follower’ and will be entered into my competition. You need to do this before midnight 28th October 2012.

You want me to sign up for something!? I get no peace as it is. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads etc all send me emails and rubbish all the time!

Yup, but do they send you free ebooks?

Erm, no. So will I definitely win a copy in this competition?

No! I take my competitions seriously and the winners are picked using an online random number generator. In fact I’m pretty sure the people who won the Kindles on my latest competition didn’t even buy my book (which I thought was a bit mean).

However, Libboo is a fun new web site that brings together authors and people who love to read ebooks. If someone loves a book and tells their friends (or everyone on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads etc) they earn free ebooks! So if you don’t win this competition you could still earn yourself a copy of the book or of loads of other shortlisted books.

So what’s the catch?

Welllll, the Libboo team do have a strange sense of humour. And it can get quite addictive. But it’s completely free and it give indie authors like me a way to get their books reviewed and discussed.

But is it only for people with Kindles?

At the moment you can only buy books via Libboo on Kindle or Barnes and Noble but the free ebooks can be downloaded in whatever format suits your ereader. Download it. Put it in your ereader folder and you’re off. I’ve already got lots of free books and the process is easy!

Why are the prices on the site just in US dollars?

Because Americans get too excited if they see other currency! Just click on the ‘Shop’ button and you can buy in pounds or euros.

Isn’t there supposed to be ‘small print’ for the people who are bored enough to read this far?

I think I’ve covered it all above. 10 free ebooks. You need to sign up to Libboo and be a follower of my FUNNY novel on the Libboo site - this happens automatically if you sign up via my free ebook link. Deadline is midnight 28th October 2012.

Joining Libboo is free, you can leave at anytime (although I’d wait until after I’ve announced the winners as I’ll contact them via Libboo) and your house is at risk if you spend too long reading funny, sexy, scary, thrilling, entertaining, captivating, educational ebooks and forget to go to work.

What if the winner already has a copy of Working from home?

Oooh! Good question. If a winner declines a copy I will pick another winner until we have 10 people lucky enough to have a free copy of Working from home on their ereader.

What if you don’t hear back from the winner?

You’re good at the difficult questions aren’t you? If after erm *picks random time frame*three weeks from the deadline (18th November 2012), a winner has not downloaded their book I will pick another winner until we have 10 winners.

Is this competition being run by you or Libboo?

It is being run by me. I will ensure that every winner gets a book but the chaps at Libboo are rather splendid (they would describe themselves as super-awesome) so I don’t foresee any problems.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could win a book just by kissing someone you fancy though?

Well, yes. But in my little joke I did ask you to kiss the first person of the appropriate sex that you saw. Otherwise people would just be loitering in doorways waiting for a stunner to walk by and that’s not really the point. It does sound quite fun though. Just to make it clear you cannot enter this competition by kissing strange people. You could have a lot of fun though!

P.S. Here’s the link again for everyone who just scrolls down to the bottom of the page to see if there are any extra goodies. Click here to enter the Working from home free ebook competition.

Thanks to and for spreading the news about the competition.


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