Thursday, 29 November 2012

Join our flashmob dance team in Clevedon and laugh yourself fit before Christmas!

I’ve teamed up with Clevedon dance teacher and fitness instructor Emily Gazey-Mitchell from the YLime Dance Factory Studio to organise a flashmob dance team who are having fun learning a dance routine and getting fit.

What on earth is a flashmob dance team?

A group of people who perform a dance in a public place the moment a particular song is played. They look like everyone else and when the dance is over they all disperse leaving everyone feeling surprised, bemused and hopefully entertained.

Oookay - why on earth would you want to do that?

Quite simply because there is a dance video that I think is really cool and I wanted to try that type of dancing. Also because there is a dance event in my latest novel and I wanted to try it for real!

So are you teaching the dance?

Now that would be funny! No. Not a chance. Emily is a top dance teacher and she makes us laugh and that really helps. There is also an online video tutorial so you can practise (and swear at yourself) at home.

So what dance is it?

Aah, that would be telling! You can find out more details by contacting either Emily or Russ (click on these links to send an email) or by phoning Emily on 07892 825617. If you do it by email we can send you the link to the dance tutorial.

How difficult is it?

It’s quite tricky. You get a taste of what the contestants in Strictly Come Dancing go through but you do pick it up surprisingly quickly. The beauty of this dance is that you can do different versions of it depending on your fitness levels. You will also look cool at weddings, clubs - anywhere there is dancing.

So what type of people are in the team?

All sorts! Most are from Emily’s popular Zumba classes and at the moment I am the only bloke but I’m sure this will change when people find out what song we are doing. The main thing we have in common is that we all laugh a lot. If you usually only dance with a drink in your hand you should come along and join in!

Do you usually only dance with a drink in your hand?
When are the sessions and how much do they cost?

At the moment they are on Tuesday evenings at 8.15 for 30 minutes and there maybe some sessions on a Saturday. If you can’t make these times let us know as we might make some changes so more people can take part. The sessions are in Emily’s dance studio at the end of Kimberley Road (BS21 6QJ) and they are free during December. From then on it will be £4 for a 45 minute session.

Are you really going to dance in public?

Yes! It will be fun and we can always do it in the dark the first time!

So come join in and if you want any information on Emily’s other classes you can find full details on her web site.

PS. These photos are stock images. Obviously we dance much better than these people - most of the time - when we're not sitting down laughing...

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