Monday, 5 November 2012

Working from home has a new cover and is about to come out in paperback!

It seems that some people don't understand exactly what my novel Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? is all about so here are a few clues along with a look at the new cover.

Clue no. 1
Working from home is a funny novel not a textbook.

Clue no. 2
Not only is it funny but it's a romantic too.

Clue no.3
It's funny, romantic and a bit sexy too.

Clue no. 4
It's not yucky chocolate boxes and roses romantic and it's not sexually explicit in a shades of grey way.

Clue no. 5
It's follows a number of characters who are setting up their own businesses and trying lots of mad things in order to try and get some sales. These include having breakfast with strangers and playing silly buggers on Facebook.

Clue no. 6
As the characters learn from their mistakes so do you (even if you laugh at them) so people who run their own business or sell for a living will learn something new.

Clue no. 7
If you don't run your own business you'll still find it funny and you'll understand why some people do such daft things on Facebook.

When was the last time you read a novel that made you laugh and gave you useful advice? Buy the ebook version now on whatever ereader you use for about £2 ($3.20) depending on your reader. Just use the links on the right.

Paperback version of Working from home

If you're holding out for the paperback version that will be out by the end of November why not jump on my sparkly advanced sales list (a spreadsheet)? You'll get an email from me when it is available. Once the book has launched I'll delete the spreadsheet so you will get no more emails from me. Click here to email me.

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