Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? is now available in paperback!

The paperback edition of Working from home is now available just in time for you to buy it as a present for anyone you know who really needs a laugh.

As many of you will know Working from home started off as an ebook but despite tales of the invasion of the ereader there are still many people who prefer to read ‘real’ books. So this version is for them and it also, rather cleverly I thought, makes it easy for you to buy a copy as a present (or for you to put it on your Christmas list)!

Who is Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? aimed at?

This book straddles several genres which can cause a bit of confusion. It’s a romantic comedy that’s funny enough to make you laugh out loud (or snort unattractively) and it’s set in a small business environment. This review from Amazon sums it up very well.

Russ King has come up with a treat that straddles several genres without jarring. This is, principally (in my estimation, anyway) a romantic comedy without the slush. A healthy serving of ladslit, a hint of chicklit and a smattering of technical guidebook make this rather unique, in my reading experience. But, however you define it, it ticks all the boxes.
Simon Lipson

So, if you work from home, run your own business or have an entrepreneurial streak this book is perfect for you.

However, you’ll still enjoy the storylines if you are new to all of the above, partly because you’ll be discovering it at the same speed as the characters, but also just because it's funny!

My writing goal is to write a novel that makes people laugh out loud (this one), a novel that makes people want to, ahem, get it on (halfway through this one, called Three lovers, two bullets) and one that challenges the government system and inspires people to forge their own path (all planned out and ready to be written).
With these goals in mind it is inevitable that these three elements will appear in all the novels even if they are not the main focus.

So make your day (or someone else’s) by buying a copy today. You can:

Buy the paperback on Amazon UK (£7.19), Amazon US ($9.95), or in Europe €8.99 (just search for the title).
Buy the ebook here on Amazon UK (£1.98), Amazon US ($3.05), or in Europe (€2.68) just search for the title), or on iTunes (£1.99), Kobo (£2.34), Sony ($3.05) etc.

Or you can get the ebook for free if you use a new web site that rewards readers for spreading information about their favourite authors. (you will need to spread the word to earn your free copy).

So now you have no excuses!

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