Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happiness is: Finding a new direction

A while back I had a few days alone as my wife took Thing 1 and Thing 2 up to Scotland to visit some friends. I was tasked with gloss painting our hallway and I was determined to finish the first draft of my latest novel.

I finished the painting but I was distracted from writing after watching the film No in our local cinema. No follows the events that led to the demise of General Pinochet - a referendum where people could vote yes for the dictator to continue or no to choose a democracy and a general election.

Everything was against the ‘No’ team who had limited resources and were threatened by the security forces. However, instead of the obvious tack of listing the endless atrocities that Pinochet caused they focused on what people really wanted. They wanted to be happy.

The media team focused on showing people they could be happy if they chose democracy. It sounds simplistic and childish and the team faced endless criticism until the country started to get behind them and they were ultimately successful.

I was left pondering what I wanted out of life - I wanted to be happy. I wanted to make the people who read my books happy. I want to make people laugh, try new things, open up to others, challenge the status quo and maybe even feel a bit randy.

The novel I am working on is darker than Working from home; it involves danger, death and lust. However, it will still make people laugh and hopefully do some or all of the challenges above.

To me this equals happiness and I will be trying to practice what I preach with a regular dose of happiness both in this blog and in my home life.

So forget a ‘fingers crossed’ mentality it is time to face life with a smile. Oh yes, and crack on with finishing the next novel!

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