Thursday, 11 July 2013

A list of fun and interesting writers I interact with on Twitter

A while back I promised Leanne Smith (@smith_leanne), a superstar nurse and aspiring writer, to give some examples of inspiring and funny writers to interact with on Twitter. I thought I might as well slap the list in a blog post so other people can see it. I should stress that this is a very personal choice based on people I interact with regularly, rather than a list of the ‘best’ writers on Twitter. Then again, I might just have excellent taste! 

In no particular order - other than where they appear in my favourites on Twitter as I wrote this…

Tasha Harrison - @TashaHarrison_
Indie writer with funny, dry observations. Writes mainly chick lit/comedy romance, often full of sunshine.

Jess Sturman-Coombes - @JessSturman
Nutcase indie YA /crossover writer. Author of the Ruby Palmer series of books that started with Poker Face.

Freya Morris - @Freya_J_Morris
Down to earth comms expert and writer

Jonathan Meres - @JonathanMeres
Author of The world of Norm series of children’s books and occasional Nazi zombie. Expect very dry humour!

Julie Cohen - @julie_cohen
Writer of chick lit and much more and occasional writing coach. Fun, interactive and supportive.

Joanne Harris - @Joannechocolat
Author of the ‘Chocolat’ series of books, not to mention all the others. Owner of a magic shed, mistress of Story Time and surprisingly approachable considering she’s got a MBE. ;O)

Mandy James - @akjames61
Was indie, now mainstream and needs to spend less time playing Candy Crush.

Mick Davidson - @mickdavidson
All round creative guy and author of the disturbing and strangely poetic vampire book The darkness beneath.

Rachel Delahaye - @RachelDelahaye
Chilled out indie author of the fabulous YA and cross over novel Splinters. Join me in nagging her to do an adult version!

Ben Hatch - @BenHatch
Madman who loves cheese and who drives his children round different countries for weeks on end for a living.

Marion Grace Woolley - @AuthorMGW
Author of Georg[i]e, an intriguing novel about a woman who falls in love with a man only to discover he’s a woman.

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