Monday, 15 July 2013

Get a sneak preview of my new novel Three lovers, two bullets!

How deep is your love? Six feet under?
In an exclusive campaign with I am giving away the opening four chapters (over 12,000 words) of my new novel Three lovers, two bullets.

Take Steve, a cheeky builder with a ruined love life and introduce him to Catalan femme fatale Maria on a cruise to Barcelona. He has to grapple with Maria’s voluptuous curves and sinister plans; the meddling influence of his rebellious step-daughter, his flaky ex-fiancĂ©e and a retired Special Forces soldier who claims to know the exact day of his own death.

Add to the mix an eerie, bearded man who appears on every corner, Maria’s eccentric father who deplores sex before marriage and her ex-boyfriend - a powerful small-time gangster who really knows how to bear a grudge.

Sexy and compelling Three lovers, two bullets is a steamy romantic thriller. There are two bullets fired, but who gets shot and can you spot the wicked twist at the end?

So how do I get the preview?

You can earn the preview of Three lovers, two bullets by helping to spread the word about my previous novel Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? using

Libboo is a new book reviewing/sharing community that links quality books to people who want to get a bit more from their reading. It’s a place where readers interact with their favourite authors and earn rewards for sharing information about books they love.

Check out Working from home on Libboo and see how easy it is to spread the word on your favourite social media sites. Just click ‘Buzz’ and sign up. You need to get 30 buzzes by the end of Sunday 21st July (30 different people visiting the Working from home page) to earn your free preview of Three lovers, two bullets.

Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure? is a fresh, genuinely laugh-out-loud funny (read the Amazon reviews!) romantic comedy following two people as they try to set up their own businesses. They soon find themselves struggling to find enough work to pay for the necessities in life like beer and shoes.
Can they manage to mix business with pleasure? And is it possible to keep your bank manager happy by following the bohemian cornerstones of freedom, truth, beauty and love?

How do I receive my free preview?

You have a week from Monday, 15th July to Sunday 22nd July to earn your 30 buzzes and you will receive the preview as a PDF file from me via email.

Whilst the preview chapters of Three lovers, two bullets is a professional piece of work it is an example of work in progress and thus does not yet quite represent fully edited, published quality. This is because I am seeking feedback for the opening chapters of the book that are so essential in terms of grabbing people’s interest enough to make them want to buy it!

Any feedback will be very welcome and acknowledgement will be given in the final published version of the book.

You can buy Working from home for around £2 or $3 on your favourite online store or you can get the paperback version on Amazon.

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