Thursday, 3 October 2013

Do you know a business networker who hasn’t read my funny novel Working from Home?

Running your own business can be fun!
If you know someone who works from home, a sole trader, an entrepreneur or anyone who runs their own business  please tell them about my laugh-out-loud novel Working from home: Mixing business with pleasure!

You’re bound to get some questions so I’ll answer them from reviews of the book.

1. Is it really laugh out loud funny?

It seems to be - or at least snorting out loud on the train funny.

“I'd read the hype and all the 'I laughed out loud' comments about this book, and thought 'yeh yeh, over-used cliche' and expected to read a book that might, just about, make me smile. But, I have to say, cliche or not, I did indeed 'laugh out loud'.”

“King's portrayal of the stereotypical networking characters and their conversations and dynamics were so true to life they made me laugh out loud.”

“I read this book in one sitting on a flight to the US. I laughed out loud on many occassions, much to the amusement of the bloke next to me (who took the details to download his copy!!)”

“there are many points at which I laughed or cringed or routed for the main character”

 “Working From Home is a cracking blend of how to transition from a corporate, 9-5 career to self-employment and a really funny novel that is a pleasure to read.”

“Russ King has captured the essence of successful social networking whilst sharing his valuable insights in a funny and engaging story.”

2. Will I learn something about business networking, running a business or getting sales?

 Oh yes, and it’s mainly via other people’s mistakes - much better than making your own!

“Anyone who has ever worked from home on an internet based business (or tried to) will relate to the humour, the conversations and relationships that exist on and through social networks. The author clearly has first hand experience of this world and a good understanding of the ins and outs of this relatively new business phenomenon.”

 “This is also a rather cleverly disguised technical guidebook. If you knew nothing about networking before reading it, you certainly will after. I, for one, have picked up several tips for expanding my own social networking presence.”

“Having been to many networking meetings over the years, as well as attempting to work out online networking protocol, I found this a very informative book, not only for those of us who have been 'doing it' (or at least trying to do it) for a number of years, but for those who are new to the game of building relationships through all areas of networking.”

“without realising it readers will benefit from years of King's experience as you sublimely digest social media and networking tips.”

“I loved the story line which kept me interested, but also picked up a lot of networking tips and found an interest in a subject useful to everyone.”

3. Where can I buy this ebook/paperback?

You can buy the Kindle and paperback version on Amazon here (doesn’t matter what country you are in the link takes you to the correct site).
Smashwords (This can be used for all formats of e-reader so check here if your e-reader is not covered above).

Or type Working from Home by Russ King into wherever you usually buy your ebooks.

4. How much is it?

The ebook version is £2.99/$4.99 - about the price of a cup of coffee. I’m running an experiment to find the optimum selling price. That's a bargain for a funny, book that will help you improve your bottom line!

Please buy a copy and help spread the word. We need more people doing business with a smile on their face.

5 Are all these reviews real?

Yup. Find them on the Amazon page and look for yourself!

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