Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mixing business and pleasure with Shakira

Those of you who follow me on Twitter on Facebook will know that when I am working in the evening I will often claim to be 'sponsored by' what I'm eating, drinking or listening to. This usually involves sweets/chocolate, beer of some sort - Estrella Damm hopefully - and more often than not - Shakira.

I was often queried about this. "You do know she's pregnant don't you?" "She's married you know? To a footballer!"

I didn't know she was pregnant (she now has a young son) or married and it really doesn't matter. I'm not in love with Shakira, but her music is damned good to work and because she has a wide range of influences it doesn't get boring.

So when I got my new job as Editor in Chief for and needed to write funny personality tests that actually mean something this was one of the first I wrote. No research needed!


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