Tuesday, 17 June 2014

We're looking for bloggers who want free, interactive content for their blogs!

My novel writing has been put on hold for a while as I've taken on the role of Editor-in-Chief at Riddle.com, a new start-up that is a social content/sharing platform with lots of fun and/or interesting interactive content.

You can take polls, quizzes on all subjects, play coffee break games like 'Hot or Not', find out a bit more about yourself with our fun psychological tests, or enjoy our top 10 lists.

The good news is that you can now integrate this content onto your blog for free using either a Java snippet or a WordPress widget.

Just how easy is this integration?

The test on the right has been on using the Java snippet as this is a Blogger site - took me about 30 seconds. You can also put content into blog articles like the one at the bottom of this article.

Our WordPress widget has been designed on the principle that no-one bothers to read instructions so it's really easy -
1) From Wordpress dash, go to plug-ins
2) Click 'Add new'
3) Type in ‘Riddle playful content’
4) Click "Install now"

Do I lose my traffic to you?

Nope - I’m a blogger myself, and hate the thought of that. Your visitors stay on your site when they’re playing our content that is themed to your blog. The best bit is that the social media share icons on the Riddle will direct traffic to YOUR social media accounts - not Riddle's. So you will gain traffic/social media followers!

What if there's no suitable content for my blog?

With 100’s of content pieces, there should be something there for you, but if there isn't - why not write some with us? I'll help create the content, we'll provide the images and will link back to your site at the end of the content - so if someone else features it on their blog there will always be a link back to your site. This phase won't last long as we have some fab plans in the pipeline for content creation so contact me now if you have any ideas. It's a great way of presenting yourself as the expert in your field.

Fab plans eh? What are they then?

We're working on a system that will bring bloggers both revenue and content! It's a great win-win and anyone who knows me knows just how much I bloody love a genuine win-win situation. If you want to be on our short-list of blogs to feature this system when it's all polished up and sparkling new just drop me an email. It will, of course, be free to use.

Here's one of my favourite Riddles ;O)

 If you actually like reading instructions here they are for WordPress and other blog integration.

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